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Pneumatic Controls, Pneumatic Valves, Pneumatic Timers

Pneumatic Controls, Pneumatic Timers, Pneumatic Valves

Welcome to Ellis/Kuhnke Controls

Ellis Kuhnke Controls is both a manufacturer and a distributor of pneumatic industrial controls. Our company has been in business since 1962. We manufacture and distribute a complete line of primarily pneumatic control devices.

These include pneumatic timers, indicators, counters, valves, cylinders, regulators, rotary actuators and various fittings.

If you need pneumatic timers, pneumatic control systems, pneumatic valves, pneumatic counters, Pneumatic Spool Valves, pneumatic indicators, Pneumatic Controls or Machines, and Tools then we are your experts

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If you are looking for Pneumatic Controls, Pneumatic Valves then look no further than Ellis/Kuhnke Controls.