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Applications for Pneumatic Controls


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Pneumatic systems are used in many places in our everyday world, including train doors, automatic production lines, mechanical clamps, and more. A pneumatic system uses air that is compressed in order to transmit and control energy. There are many advantages to using pneumatic controls, particularly in the industrial and manufacturing sector for powering automation in machines.

Unlimited Supply of Air

You will find compressed air is used in many factories that have production lines. Air is unlimited, therefore manufacturers are able to take advantage and use as much air as they need to power tools and machines. It is also possible to transport air over a distance via pipes, making it a convenient resource that can be used over and over again. Once the air is used, it is simply released back into the atmosphere without the need for processing.

Proven Durability and Reliability

Pneumatic controls have a reputation for being highly durable and reliable: even in the toughest manufacturing environments. When compared to other controls, like electromotive components that rely on electricity, pneumatic controls that use air has been proven to be much more reliable.

Simple Design that Adapts to Harsh Environments

When compared to many other kinds of controls in the construction and manufacturing industry, pneumatic controls tend to be very durable and will not easily damage. Compressed air is also less likely to be affected by extreme temperatures, dust, corrosion, etc.

If you are going to use these controls for your manufacturing or construction project, it is also important to be aware of its limitations.

Low Accuracy

The efficacy of use of compressed air is dependent upon the volume of air available. The volume of air can change depending upon whether it gets heated, which changes the volume of air that is available for use. This may change the accuracy in which the compressed air can be used.

Processing is Required Before Use

In order for compressed air to be usable in pneumatic devices, it must be processed to remove water vapor or dust that is naturally present in the air. If the air is not processed properly, it is possible for the components to wear out fairly quickly due to friction.

Pneumatic Controls

These controls have changed the way many companies are able to do business. Industries like manufacturing and transportation are now able to work more efficiently due to the availability of compressed air.

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