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Pneumatic Valves

FAQ: Pneumatic Valves

Is it possible to create a time delays?
The answer is yes. It does depend on the valve you have, but delays can usually last from one to two minutes.pneumatic valves

Is there a big difference between a two and three position valve?
The difference between the valves is large enough to prompt investigation before buying. This means that there is a noticeable difference between the two. When using a two-position valve the ports will always be opposite. This means that one goes in the and the other comes out. A three-position, or even a four-position, will allow you to have direction in output. Both valves function in the same way, but the outputs are different. A three-position valve is even able to have a neutral switch, which in essence blocks all the ports.

Is it possible to get valves that allow for adjustable airflow?
Yes, this is a possibility. Of course, it depends on the type of valve you have, but with ones that have it, speed, direction, and noise can be adjusted.

Are there really any pros and cons to using air actuation over solenoid?
The biggest thing to be aware of when using these two items is that one runs a higher risk of death or injury. Solenoids wouldn't work without wires and electrical switches. There is special shielding that is available, but that only reduces the risk of a spark that leads to a fire. When using air for actuation, all that is need are a 3-way air pilot valve and tubing. This means that there is no risk at all for a spark, fire, or explosion.

Is there a difference between pressure and bleed piloted valves?
Simply put, yes. The difference lies between the different modes that can be actuated. First, pressure piloted is more economical than bleed, but that doesn't make it worse or better. Pressure piloting works with the help of an external signal that positively actuates the directional valves. Bleed piloting works in the opposite way, meaning that it uses internal signals. When this pilot is actuated, pressure usually drops. The main disadvantage of bleed piloting is that only one line can enter. This is why more people tend to use pressure piloting because it’s more reliable.

What is the purpose of a manual override?
It allows the user to manually actuate directional valves. This can all be done without using switches or pilot valves. It also allows for an easy way to test without having to move the machine elements.

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