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What is Pneumatic?


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What Are the Basic Principles of Pneumatics? What about Pneumatic Controls or a Pneumatic Controls System?

Pneumatics is a technological term that focuses on the study and application of pressurized gas as an energy transfer medium used to facilitate mechanical motion. In a fixed location such as a factory, the facility is plumbed (piped) to distribute compressed ambient air to stationary tools, assembly line machinery, cleaning systems and much more. Compressed air is a highly preferred medium when compared to the toxic fluids needed to transfer energy via hydraulics – compressed ambient air poses no danger to health or the environment in the event of a leak – not to mention the fact that ambient air is cost-free.

When we talk about pneumatic controls or a pneumatic controls system, we are simply discussing a mechanical device or series of devices that use compressed air to perform a particular task. Smaller-sized, stand alone and/or portable pneumatic devices may rely on cylinder contained compressed gasses that can include oxygen-free nitrogen (OFN), a gas that can cause asphyxiation hazards. When OFN or other cylinder supplied gasses are used, proper ventilation precautions must be observed. In addition to pneumatic controls and pneumatic control systems, air power is widely and commonly used in familiar applications that include:

  • Air brakes on a wide variety of transport vehicles including trains
  • A carpenter’s pneumatic nail gun or power wrenches used by auto mechanics
  • HVAC control systems
  • Jackhammers used by road or other work crews
  • Pipe organs
  • Inflatable structures
  • Pneumatic mail or other document delivery systems
  • Exercise machines
  • Tire inflating air compressors at the gas station and nearly countless other applications

In short, pneumatic controls, pneumatic control systems, as well as numerous air-powered devices are all around us. To learn more about the many advantages of pneumatics, as well as our entire line of superior quality, air-powered products, contact us anytime. We’d be delighted to hear from you!