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Solenoids and the Automotive Industry

You will not see everyone driving a car, especially those living and working in major cities, but most people do see cars every single day. Since their creation they have transformed our landscapes; creating roads, bridges, and mega-highways and have also changed the way we think about getting from one place to another. The ease of transportation that these vehicles bring is unmatched. People who drive, along with people who don't, are usually familiar with some of the major parts of a car. These parts include: the engine, transmission and battery. Of course, the vehicles need these things to run but there are also smaller components that are just as important. The solenoid is one of the important devices and is used in multiple ways to help make a car run.

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The solenoid has an electromagnet which allows for a controlled magnetic field. This field allows a user to switch the different functions of a car, both on and off. These solenoids can help transmission shifting, starting, activating/deactivating four-wheel drive, fuel-injections systems and even to lock/unlock cars. The solenoid also allows a pushing and pulling motion. Below, we will be going over some of the ways in which solenoids and the automotive industry are connected.

One of the most commonly used functions for a solenoid, that some would argue is the most important, is its ability to start cars. This type of solenoid can be referred to as a started solenoid. This starter can be placed on either the engine's starter, on a cars fender well, or on the firewall.

Using cars with automatic transmissions need the help of solenoids. The solenoid will allow the transmission fluid to follow a direct path, while being under control of the vehicles computer. This solenoid is placed inside the transmission, where the computer will send electrical charges to the solenoid. This tells the solenoid what to do. Without this type of solenoid, it would be very difficult for the transmission fluid to flow and be distributed. The ease of flow and distribution is what allows for a vehicle to change gears.

Solenoids are also able to help cars, vans, trucks and buses achieve both higher and better gas mileage. The toque converter inside of a vehicle, with the help of a solenoid, can control the lock-up of the converter. Without the solenoid, the torque converter might slip when in motion, causing excess use of gasoline.

Pneumatic Controls

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