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Pneumatic Valves: Basic Types

When looking for pneumatic valves, there are many options to choose. Each valve is designed to fit the specific needs of the customer. Pneumatic valves have the ability to work in many different environments and with many different applications. It is because of this characteristic that there are tons of valves to pick.

Below is a list of basic pneumatic valves to consider when shopping for new equipment:

Pneumatic Ball Valves:
20,000 PSI Ball Valve - Subsea Series -  These type of valves function under high pressure. They can reach depths up to 12,500 feet underwater.

Ball Valves Stainless Steel Series - These type of valves are incredibly durable because they can withstand corrosive fluids and harsh environments. They are created to work with many different applications.

Cryogenic Ball Valves - If your job requires full flow characteristics with no delay in filling time, then these valves are an excellent choice. These ball valves feature long-term performance.

Pneumatic ValvesPneumatic Solenoid Valves:
Pneumatic Solenoid Valve - Viking Lite Series - This valve is incredibly versatile and features compact installation dimensions. This solenoid valve works with most general industrial applications.

Pneumatic Solenoid Valve - Viking Xtreme Series - This valve also features compact installation dimensions, and it works well with general to harsh industrial applications.

Pneumatic Solenoid Valve - Valvair II Series - This valve is robust and versatile. It works well with harsher applications.

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