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At Ellis/Khunte we have a huge selection of pneumatic valves for you to choose from. We pride ourselves on being able to provide so many different products to so many different industries, and we want to bring our services to you and your company. Being in the market for pneumatic valves means that you have a machine that preforms very specific functions. Pneumatic devices that are not work 100% compatible with your machine will only lead to less work and work that isn't done properly. Considering the market for this product is so vast, we want to help you navigate all the products, so you get what is best for you. Our website lists and describes many of our products such as, mushroom head pushbuttons, flush head pushbuttons, shrouded head pushbuttons, and toggle levers. The distinctions between these products are minimal, and sometimes coming to terms with those distinctions can be tough. There is also bigger distinction between our mechanical valves, pneumatic valves, electrically valves, and ISO/Namur valves. We work with a lot of different clients, and some come to us knowing exactly what they need for their machines and factories. Other customers come to us with only some understanding of what they need and even the possibilities of what they can get. We like to help these customers out, by helping them go through our catalogs. We will talk to you about your business and what you are trying to do, so that we can fit you with the best possible valves. Our staff’s knowledge of our products is rather extensive.

We are proud of the amount of industries we service, the amount of products we produce, and the customer service we provide, but that is not all. There are certain steps we take as a company to ensure that all the products we create and sell are done so to the highest possible standard. We only use the most up to date machinery and tools. Constant advancements are being made in our field, and so we continually upgrade our gear and manufacturing techniques to be the cutting edge. We also only hire highly dedicated engineers who we then train thoroughly. 

When you shop with us you are shopping with a company who has withstood the test of time. We can give you piece of mind that you'll get your product quickly, inexpensively, and most of all functioning perfectly.

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