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Benefits of Mini-Pneumatic Timers

Pneumatic timers are indispensable for certain industries and applications. Considering the amount off uses for these devices, it is understandable why there are so many different variations of pneumatic timers. The purpose of this article is to explore the mini-timer (also known as miniature mounted panel timer). Despite its size, compared to a 54 series pneumatic clock timer, this device is powerful and precise. There are four separate models, which allow for up to three hundred second of delay.

These panel mounted timing delay devices, which are usually closed vales, are easily adjustable.  It is rather easy to work with the smaller timers. You can set the devices timing by rotating the dial located on the front of the timer. Each timer has two separate vertical scales. These scales inform users of the set time and the time remaining (the cycle countdown time).

Just like a regular size pneumatic timer, the mini-timer begins when air pressure is applied to the first port. Reaching the set time will force the device to switch to port two (using it as an output). This valve stays open, and that doesn't change until the input of air is turned off. It is important too note that when removing air supplies, the timer will reset. The mini-timer is constructed with only two ports. One port is used for controlling internal connection. All discarded air escapes from the body of the device.
For ease of use, the timers are made with clear plastic. The clear plastic lens is used for viewing the scales.

Some of the highlighted features of this product are:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to set
  • Maintenance free
  • Contain 2-6 bars
  • Small and compact
  • Boast short intervals
  • Inexpensive compared to traditional pneumatic timers
  • Mini-timers can have mount accessories

When considering a new mini-timer, know that a molded bezel can be combined with the timer. A molded bezel allows users to have easy removal of mini-times. This is a result of the screw fastening system. You can also get a rear-mounting bracket. For users who would prefer mounting devices at the back of a panel, this accessory is extremely beneficial.

There are many different options for timing devices, and each industry and process requires different devices. For further information about mini-times and pneumatic timers contact a local company who can help explain their catalog. Mini-pneumatic times are a great alternative to traditional devices.

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