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Why are Directional Flow Control Valves Used?

Directional control valves are designed to allow users the ability to change the direction of flow in a pneumatic application. Many different manufacturing companies frequently use compressed air to operate systems, tools, and equipment. Having a baseline understanding of the different valves that are used by various industries, will allow an individual to have a more in-depth knowledge of compressed air applications and how/why pneumatic directional control valves are used.

Typically a single factory will use several different types of valves because each one is especially suited for a single job. Different designs fit into several categories:

  • Spool-Bondpneumatic controls
  • Lapped
  • Poppet
  • Spool and Poppet Mix
  • Sliding Seal
  • Rotary
  • Diaphragm

Pneumatic Controls

Our skilled staff knows the distinctions between valve types, and which works best for specific functions. If you tell us about your needs and applications, we can help point you to a pneumatic control valve that is ideal for your operation. A proper control valve is a fundamental component of any air-powered systems.

We also specialize in a miniature line of flow control devices, including valves and pneumatic timers. Our tools are typically made of brass and come with M5 or 10-32 ports, which are needed for constructing logic circuits. Reach out for more information about directional control valves.

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