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Types of Pneumatic Devices

There are many different types of major pneumatic devices, and each has unique and specific functions. The basis for any pneumatic device is comprised of a compressed air sours and pneumatic tools. There are two basic types of air compressing: positive displacement type and dynamic type. Positive displacement types are more commonly used when creating pneumatic devices. For this type, the main action used is a displacement action or a volumetric change. A dynamic type is subdivided between centrifugal, axial, and fluid-jet types.

Pneumatic devices are built on large and small scales. They are used in the home, for research, and for business purposes. Some of the most common pneumatic devices are:

  • Pneumatic bladders are used to help seal drains and ducts, which greatly reduces the spreading of chemical gases
  • Pneumatic cylinders create movement from a compressed air source
  • Pneumatic motors are sometimes called compressed-air engines. With the help of a rotary/linear motions, compressed air is turned into mechanical motions

The different pneumatic tools on the market allow for wide use in many different industries. This includes pneumatic valves, pneumatic counters, and pneumatic switches. Speak with a local professional about all your different pneumatic device options.

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