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Pneumatic Controllers and Pumps

The purpose of a pneumatic controller is to help maintain processes like pressure, levels, and temperatures. The two most commonly used types of pneumatic controllers are natural gas-driven types and non-natural gas-driven types. A natural gas type is powered by natural gas, whereas the non-natural counterpart can be powered instrument air or renewable energy sources.

Natural gas-driven controllers come in different design variety. This includes:

Zero Bleed Pneumatic Controllers: there is no leaking of natural gas into the atmosphere. The controls are contained, which prevent leakage.

Continuous Bleed Pneumatic Controllers (low and high bleed versions): if you need to achieve a continuous flow of natural gases, this is the optimal controller.

Intermittent Pneumatic Controllers: these controllers are designed to let out natural gas in non-continuously. These controllers are actuated with the help of pressurized natural gas.

Considering the intricacy of different pneumatic controllers, it is important to not make purchases haphazardly. There are just as many differences when it comes to purchasing pneumatic pumps, so if you have questions about pneumatic devices, it's important to reach out to us for clear answers. Give us a call today, so we can help you optimize your pneumatic systems.

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