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Picking the Correct Pneumatic Counters

The function of a pneumatic counter is necessary for proper utilization of a pneumatic system, and so it is important to know that not all counters are created the same. Regardless of the type of pneumatic counter, their end function is to display the number of pulses caused by compressed air. The main distinction between counters is how they are mounted and how they display output readings.

Pneumatic Controls

A pneumatic predetermining counter is going to give a user an output that reaches a present value. A pneumatic totalising counter will count and display the total pulses, but it will not give the user control outputs. A predetermined counter will begin or end a process when a count valve has been reached.

The additive version shows two separate lines on the pneumatic counter's display, where as the subtractive type only has one line.

Once mounting style and counter style is determined, and individual must then decided how many digits are needed for the counter's display. Options are 3,4,5,6, and 8.

These are just some considerations that need to be made prior purchasing a pneumatic counter. You must think about:

  • Button Resets
  • Reset Guard
  • Resettable/Non-resettable
  • Covers

Do not purchase a counter haphazardly. Speak with a professional in the field today!

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