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What is Causing Air Leakage within Pneumatic Control Systems?

Pneumatic ValvesMany issues can cause a pneumatic control system breakdown or malfunction. The systems are widespread in industrial facilities. When pneumatic indicators or pneumatic valves stop working, it creates system-wide failure. One of the most commonly suffered problems is air leaks. Not only does this problem cause production issues, but it also wastes a valuable and expensive resource. Compressed air is not free, increasing monthly costs when wasted. It is common for an unnecessary additional compressor to be installed to compensate for a low pressure caused by leaks. This is not a fix and adds additional costs that could be avoided. It is best to track down the cause of leaks.

How can you find leaking air in pneumatic control systems?

One of the best ways to find leaks is to implement a proactive program that detects and repairs leaks. On average, these programs bring down leaks to under 10%. Although there are many areas where leaks occur, the most common places include:

  • Couplings
  • Joints
  • Fittings
  • Seals
  • Hoses

Missing O-rings are amongst the most common and easy issues to fix. O-rings break down in time and often are improperly installed. The first step of determining a leak is to calculate the amount of air that is being lost. Ultrasonic detection is a modern method that uses acoustic devices to identify sounds from leaking air. These tests work with pneumatic counters and pneumatic indicators.

Leak detection equipment is often portable, which means it is fast and versatile. The detection of leaking air is accurate and reliable. Most people can swiftly learn to use this equipment.

Fixing leaks can be as straightforward as tightening up a joint connection, but replacing old, broken components is sometimes necessary. Replacing pneumatic indicators and other parts can often fix leaks.

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