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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Using Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatic control systemsObjectively, pneumatic systems are relatively safe and easy to use. There are many reasons why pneumatic controls and components are the right choices for factories and appliances. Although there are many advantages (which outweigh the disadvantages), pneumatic control systems are not meant to be used for all jobs. Below, we highlight some of the core distinctions between the advantages and disadvantages of using pneumatic control systems, pneumatic indicators, and pneumatic valves.

Two of the most straightforward and most desirable advantages of pneumatic control systems are the simplicity of design and ease of control. Machines are designed using a system of components such as pneumatic valves and pneumatic indicators. As a result of the simplicity of pneumatic control systems, they are known to have a low accuracy due to the system being subject to a volume of compressed air. If the volume of air changes directly alters performance.

Besides being simplistic and easy to use, pneumatic control systems are often touted for their safety. Compared to electricity and gas, pneumatic control systems are much less likely to explode or cause a fire. When a pneumatic valve and pneumatic indicator are overloaded, the user experiences cessation or sliding operations (not burning and overheating as with an electromotive component). Cylinders on pneumatic components are not as large as cylinders on an electromotive system. As a result, a pneumatic control system has difficulty driving hefty loads.

Pneumatic control systems and pneumatic components are not very expensive. A pneumatic valve and pneumatic indicator cost less than gas and electromotive counterparts. Even the air used to run systems costs substantially less than electricity or gas. Although air is free, a pneumatic control system requires processing before the air is implemented. Processing compressed air means that all water vapor and dust are removed because if left, it will quickly lead to excessive friction and wearing out of pneumatic parts.

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