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Pneumatic Systems are Essential for Modern Automation

Pneumatic systems are essential for modern manufacturing. Although some might be moving away from pneumatics in machine design, the industry is still growing. Smart technologies will allow for the seamless integration of pneumatics and automation. Data collection and efficient, compact machines are also key for the future of pneumatic systems and pneumatic controls.

Pneumatic Valves

There are definite advantages of using compressed air in automation, and these advantages keep pneumatic systems a vital tool for modern manufacturing.

Advantages include:

  • The energy resource used to make systems work is inexpensive and renewable. When compared to gas and electricity, pneumatics is the safe and smart choice.
  • These systems can be channeled, meaning that air is easily passable and can move from place to place through only small pipes.
  • Systems have seamless, continuous temperatures. Air may be flexible at different temperatures (as required). Even in extreme conditions, air can continue to work well.
  • Pneumatic valves and pneumatic controls are safe. Air is clean, nonsparking, and not harmful to humans. Air can be affordably cleaned using an air purifying process. Industries like food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and textiles all benefit from safety provided by pneumatics.

Although there are many benefits had when using these systems, it is not ideal for all operations. It is essential to recognize your application needs so that you can determine which system is best for your business.

The noise created from pneumatic systems tends to be a bit loud because of the open system. As a result, air is thrown out of the system, which leads to a noisy exhaust track. This problem can be solved using a silencer for each dump line.

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