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What is a Flow Control Valve ana Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic valvesMost air powered circuits use flow control valves, which are used to control rate, direction, and pressure in the system. Different types of pneumatic valves are available, and each is built to serve a specific purpose. Several factors, including the size of operation and function of the system, will dictate the exact valve that would benefit you. For instance, some pneumatic flow control valves are designed to focus on regulating flow, while still allowing air to pass through into another section. Simplistic flow valve variants enable the users to control direction, stop, and pass. Traditional pneumatic valve controls will have a changeable aperture, which when closed will slow down the rate of flow. Opening aperture will increase circulation.

Pneumatic Valves

Simply put, the function of a flow control valve in pneumatic systems is to allow users to regulate pressure and flow (in specific section). A valve’s function can provide slower actuator speeds. The device is designed to let air to flow in one direction, which creates a free flow in the other direction. We sell different types of flow control valves to meet the exact needs of your unique applications. Each type serves a different function, so for more information about acquiring the right pneumatic valve give us a call today. We also specialize in pneumatic timers.


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