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Common Functions of Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic systems are often used because of all the benefits they offer to their users. The applications of these systems are very extensive. Below, we will go over common uses for pneumatic systems.Pneumatic Valves

Transportation systems use pneumatics in a multitude of ways. When buttons are pushed, pneumatic cylinders will push goods from the shelf to the transfer belt. After button switches are released, cylinders begin to retract automatically.

Vehicle doors use these systems, which are often added in the construction of public vehicles (buses). When open switch buttons are pressed, doors will open, and visa-versa when the closed button is pressed. Pneumatic systems make this function smooth and safe for mass-transportation.

Pneumatic Valves

Other common applications include:

Air brakes for larger vehicles (buses and trucks) make travel safe. The system uses a type of friction brake that is activated when compressed air presses on pistons. This will apply pressure to brake pads.

Pneumatic bladders are used to seal ducts and drains that contain chemical gases or spills. They are often used in medical research, as well as other applications.

Barostat systems need to keep constant pressure in closed chambers, which is achieved by using pneumatic systems and tools, such as miniature solenoid valves and pneumatic valves.

Pneumatic air guns use compressed air as energy to put projectiles in motion.

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