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Using Pneumatic Systems instead Hydraulics

pneumatic valvesHydraulics are frequently used because of their immense capabilities to move high loads, but that does not always mean that it is best for specific systems and applications. Pneumatics are widely used today because they offer benefits that are not shared with hydraulic counterparts. Pneumatic systems use pressurized gas to perform engineering tasks. A pneumatic system is commonly found in general construction and mining work. Pneumatics are also frequently used in dentistry application throughout the world. Hydraulics systems use fluids that are pressurized to execute various mechanical tasks. Pneumatic systems offer advantages that cannot be had when using hydraulics.

Air that is used in a pneumatic device is free from moisture (dried), so no problems will occur for internal parts of the system. The initial cost of pneumatic systems is less expensive than hydraulics—hydraulic systems can cost twice as much.

Pneumatic water treatment automation will reduce the cost of installation, as well as lower operational costs—when compared to conventional electric installations. Opening and closing underwater valves are easy for pneumatic systems because they can withstand high overload pressure conditions.

When comparing pneumatic actuators with hydraulic versions, it is easy to see how pneumatic types have a longer life and better performance with minimal maintenance. If you are planning to use systems for an extended period, pneumatic actuators are more suitable than hydraulics.

Lastly, pneumatics systems are suitable for power transmissions, especially when the distance of the transmission is far.

Pneumatic Valves

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