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Reasons to Use Miniature Solenoid Valves

There are three main advantages of using a solenoid valve. They function as an actuator for mechanical instruments, and so solenoid valves have been increasingly used in recent years. We want to take the time to discuss the three main advantages that people find when using these types of valves.miniature solenoid valve

First, they have plugged external leakage and controllable internal leakage, which makes them very safe to use. The main rotation and movement of the core of the valve are operated by different actuators, including pneumatic. This is intended to help solve the external leakage problem by offering dynamic sealing. Only with solenoid valves will electromagnetic forces have a significant enough effect in the core, which is sealed in a magnetic-isolation sleeve. A solenoid valve is safe to use, and it is suitable for mediums that have toxic, corrosive, or high/low temperatures.

Second, a solenoid has small power and lightweight appearance, and it does have quick action. Response times for these valves can be short (several milliseconds). The valve has a self-loop, which makes it more sensitive than other similar valves. It is also considered an energy saving product. Because solenoids are small, space can be saved, and devices can be lightweight.

Lastly, consider solenoid valves because they are simple systems that come with a low price. When compared to other actuator types, like sanitary regulating valves, solenoids are easy to maintain and install. Also, automatic controls are much more straightforward and affordable when using solenoid valves.

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