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Understanding Solenoid Valves

Electromechanical solenoid valves allow for effective, automatic control of fluid flow controls for air, gas, liquid, or steam. The valves use magnetic fields to regulate the opening and flow of fluid in a calve. They are frequently employed in a variety of industries that include medical, industrial, automotive, food processing, HVAC, and clinical chemistry. Pneumatic Valves
Finding designs in a complete range for different types is common. Common valves include:
  1. Two-way normal open/closed
  2. Two-way normally closed
  3. Three-way directional miniature solenoid valve (general purpose, isolation, and cryogenic types)
Please contact our team for a comprehensive catalog of our available solenoid valves that are available for immediate shipping.  It is possible to choose from a variety of standard and custom product modifications. Some modifications include choosing body material, wattage, coil construction, and orifice size. MOPD and CV range options are available as well.

Pneumatic Valves

For more complex applications, we integrate multiple valve sensors and switches with other components to make a single custom control module. Custom manifolds can be manufactured in OEM volumes that have short lead times. For more information on a solenoid valve, or other pneumatic valves, give us a call today.
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