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Tips for Selecting Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators are an essential part of pneumatic systems. These pneumatic controls are workhorses that keep equipment and machines in motion. Considering the number of options, it is critical to know the basic differences between styles for both monitoring and controlling systems.Pneumatic Controls

It is easy to find pneumatic actuators working within countless types of machinery because it offers users a cost-effective, simple, and durable way to create linear (and other) types of motion. Although they are compact, the controls are powerful enough to force delivered air. This is the preferred solution when working when you cannot use electricity or hydraulic actuators.

Selecting the correct tools can be complicated due to a variety of form factors, configurations, and options. Of all the choices available, the most popular configuration is a basic pneumatic cylinder (this style has several options). Besides a variation in physical forms, there are also methods for monitoring and controlling. To simplify the process of choosing pneumatic valves, controls, and actuators, you should give our team a call. We will walk you through your options, and we will make sure you get what you need for your specific applications.

Pneumatic Controls

After choosing to monitor actuator positions, you make a few other considerations. Positions are sensed (on the actuator or the drive equipment) depending on application requirements. In most cases, sensor environmental protection ratings, such as IP and NEMA, must be suited for installation locations.

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