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Why do so Many Use Pneumatic Control Systems?

A pneumatic control system uses compressed air to control and transmit energy. These systems are commonly incorporated into automatic production lines, controlling train doors, and mechanical clamps. They can also often be found in automobile production lines and pneumatic systems for automatic machines.

Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatic Controls

There are many reasons why pneumatic control systems are so commonly used. Below, we want to take the time to go over some of the benefits of using these pneumatic control systems.

Systems are highly effective- most factories that have production lines have equipped production lines with a compressed air supply and movable compressors. When using these systems, there is an unlimited supply of air that is used to create compressed air. The use of compressed air is not encumbered by distance. It can be easily transported through pipes.

Highly reliable and durable- pneumatic components are known to be exceptionally durable. They do not damage easily. When comparing them to electromotive parts, pneumatic systems and components are recognized as more reliable and durable.

Simply designed- pneumatic components are designed simply. They are very suitable for usage inside of simplistic automatic control systems.

Systems are safe- When compared to electromotive systems, pneumatic controls are safer. A pneumatic system can work in inflammable environments without ever causing the risk of explosion of fire. Overloading in pneumatics only causes cessation or sliding of operation. An electromotive component may overheat when overloaded.

Pneumatic Controls

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