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Keeping Costs Down when Using Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatic Controls

Keeping costs down when using compressed air is an essential part of doing business. Taking the time to consider three fundamental principles will help to ensure that monthly cost stays down. Not only will you save money using these tips, but you will also increase the life span of your pneumatic controls and pneumatic valves.

Pneumatic Valves

Make sure that you install efficient equipment. Of all the tips, this could be the most crucial decision affecting the efficiency of your entire system. You must make sure that your equipment can match your load. You must also choose pneumatic controls based on the type of air the compressor uses to operate in a control mode that is most likely to maintain high efficiency through a custom load profile.

You need to make sure that you purchase enough storage space. A compressed air system with a tank that is too small will only lead to performance and cost problems. The rule of thumb is that between five and ten gallons per CFM rating of the largest trim compressor is required. It is also possible to install secondary receivers downstream to help balance fluctuating pressure.

Pneumatic Valves

Make sure to dry the air efficiently. You have many choices for drying, but the two most common ways are desiccant drying and refrigerated drying. To make sure that you keep costs down, you do not want to over-dry the compressed air.

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