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Pneumatic Energy Controls

Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatics refers to a branch of engineering that uses gas or pressurized air. There are various ways that pneumatic systems are controlled. The most common way is through compressed air or compressed inert gasses. Another way that the systems can be controlled is through centrally located air motors and other pneumatic devices, such as pneumatic counters. Pneumatic systems can also be controlled by manual or automatic solenoid pneumatic valves.Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic systems are used in several different ways and many different industries. Air brakes found on buses and trucks use pneumatics. Exercise machines, compressed-air engines, pipe organs, gas compressors, and a vacuum pipe all utilize pneumatics to ensure that they run properly. Cable-jetting is also a technique that uses pneumatics by inserting compressed air and letting it flow through the duct and along the cable. When something runs using a pneumatic system, it emits energy. The energy needs to be controlled.

Whenever energy is being transmitted pneumatically, it must be controlled. Not only should the energy be under control, but it also should be directed correctly. Many problems can arise if the energy is not controlled properly. It can hinder work. It can also cause harm to machinery and machine operators. Luckily, when energy is transmitted through pneumatics, then controlling it is an easy task.

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