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Selecting and Operating Valves

Valves are essential for the overall safety and function of a pneumatic system. Choosing improper valves can limit service and create a potentially hazardous environment for your workspace and your employees. There are many determinants to consider before purchasing and installing pneumatic valves. Below, we will provide basic guidelines for making an easier decision. Our staff has the answers to your inquiries about pneumatic valves. Let us help you make an informed decision for your business and your wallet.

The first and two most important things to consider is the number of ports and the total amount of valve positions. Ports create a passageway in and out of the valve for gases or liquids. Valve positions represent the measure of distinct flow paths within a valve.

The next things to think about are valve actuators. These devices are responsible for shifting flow-directing elements (i.e. plunger/poppet). Actuators come in different types: mechanical, electrical, pilot, or a combination of the above. Various actuators can properly function on the same valve, so you must make a decision based on your machine and its functions.

It is also crucial to consider:

  1. Installation
  2. Mounting
  3. Sizing
  4. Pneumatic valve configurations

If you are uncertain about which pneumatic valves will work best for your system, please give us a call. Our team will help you get what you need.

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