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Basics of Compressed Air Valves

Pneumatic valves are essential for many industries, but they can be complicated. Learning the basics of these tools is necessary for any owner. If you are in the market for compressed air valves, familiarize yourself with the basics of these directional-controls valves.

The primary focus of compressed air valves is to stop the direction of flow in compressed air application. These valves are so useful because many companies use compressed air. Compressed air is used as the power to operate tools and equipment when electricity and gasoline are not options.

There are two key designs when it comes to compressed air valves: spool (bonded and lapped) and poppet.

Poppet valves feature a large poppet seal. They operate similarly to a home water faucet. Poppet valves have many features that appeal to a wide range of industries. They are fast and rugged. Additionally, they have the ability to operate under adverse conditions.

Spool valves are also extremely versatile and useful for many different applications. They are tolerant of dirt and compressor varnish. If taken care of efficiently and lubricated properly, these valves can cycle for millions of operations.

Bonded spools are particularly attractive because they offer practically no leakage. Additionally, they are available for use in three-position applications, and the standard valve goes through a blocked center.

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