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Understanding Cylinder Types

Pneumatic cylinders are broken up into several different types. Knowing the fundamental distinctions between them can help to make purchasing more simplistic. Below, we will be going over cylinder types and what they do.

  • Round line: these are considered non-repairable, and they have a reputation for being economical, hard-working, and long-lasting. They are available for purchase in a wide range of mounting styles and bore sizes. External guiding is required when high side loads are present.
  • Rodless Cylinder: the devices are magnetically coupled and use a tube that is similar to a round line cylinder. Strong magnets are built into the piston, which allows for the device to couple to magnets in the piston. The overall design is shorter than a round line type.
  • NFPA: these are also referred to as tie rod cylinders. They are durable, repairable, and easy to design. An NFPA style cylinder is made with a variety of options, including stroke length and bore sizes.
  • Compact: these cylinders are great when space is limited. They are sold as round, non-rotating, square, and more.
  • Twin Bore: small cross sections and two bores offer double force while maintaining smooth operation.

For more information about cylinder types and their functions, please call our team. We carry a full line of pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valves, and pneumatic timers.

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