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One Stop Shopping for Pneumatic Devices

In certain cases, shopping at multiple stores and with various companies makes sense. By shopping this way, it is possible to try and get a slightly better deal on products. In some instances, shopping like this can do more harm than good. At Ellis Kuhnke, we carry a complete line of pneumatic control devices, and so getting the right parts at the right price is quick and efficient. If you need pneumatic timers, pneumatic indicators, pneumatic counters, or pneumatic valves, we have you covered.

In our warehouse, we stock our different series and models of our pneumatic devices, which allows us to replacement parts or to get you new parts quickly. We understand that time is money, and so waiting for parts only hurts business. Our stock is extensive, which means that we keep parts with different:

  • Operating pressure ranges
  • Connection types
  • Lengths/Depths/Widths

Shopping for pneumatic devices with one company can help to get you better products. In this field, compatibility between parts is much simpler when all devices and configured by the same company. When you shop with the same company, you also build lasting work relationships. When you call us, we will know who you are, what machines and devices you use, and what it is you are trying to accomplish using pneumatic devices.

Shopping with the same company for all your pneumatic needs will not only keep your company operational, but it can also help to expand and grow the business.

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