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Instructions for Pneumatic Timers

It is essential to operate all pneumatic timers under the strict guidelines of the manufacturer's instructions. Operating devices outside of standard ranges can result in breakdowns or malfunctions. A PT range is a standardized component, that is used for a system that requires pneumatic time logic (because no electrical power or it is unsafe). Take care to ensure that you follow instructions for installation and use.

Mounting: When mounting the timer, you must attach it correctly (meaning that there are improper ways to do it). Depending on the type of time being used, it must either be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Environment: All devices must be mounted inside areas that are suitably protected and enclosed. Timers are not suitable for harsh, external environments. Keeping the device enclosed will help to protect from corroding.

Exhaust: Timers will help the exhaust process, as part of the operating sequences. The volume of the exhaust can be enough to create trouble with the enclosure.

Our Pneumatic timers come with detail instructions on how to install, use, maintain, and troubleshoot. For more information about our devices and how to best use them, please give us a call today. Our accomplished team of engineers is ready to help you get the best pneumatic gear you can get: whether its pneumatic valves or pneumatic timers.

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