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How to Properly Maintain Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatic Control SystemsProper maintenance is essential to ensure pneumatic control systems run safely and efficiently. If you do not properly take care of your pneumatic controls, the system will break down frequently. A system that constantly becomes damaged is costly and affects production time. It’s important to create a team who understands pneumatic control systems and can provide routine maintenance.

If you perform maintenance daily, you’re likely to avoid trouble. Daily checkups make it possible to find problems before they become a bigger issue. Let’s go over guidelines to follow during these checkups:

  • When dismantling the valves or cylinders, be mindful of the sealing materials. When reassembling them, make sure they’re properly placed.
  • The imprints of the unit and elements must be easily visible.
  • Ensure the impulse valves are free of cooling water, dirt, or mechanical shocks.
  • Don’t increase the throttle higher than specified by the manufacturer.
  • Talk with the manufacturer if you need another opening, as they can design a custom system. Do not drill parts of the system to create your own opening.
  • Only use the valve openings provided by the manufacturer.
  • Ensure the service unit is visible. If allowed, place it higher than other elements.
  • Actuated valves can often cause problems. The greatest way to prevent issues is to ensure they are controlled at the required speeds and in the proper direction.
  • Every time a checkup is performed, look for leakage. Undetected leaks can lead to wastage of compressed air, increased operating costs, and loss in production quality.

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