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Does My Pneumatic Control System Need Air Filters?

Pneumatic control systems utilize a comprehensive range of pneumatic equipment. Pneumatic control systems are highly customizable for applications, industries, and environments: by mixing and matching tools and devices. Compressed air within a pneumatic system is the most crucial system component. As a result, compressed air is crucial for many industries and manufacturing processes. If and when the air within systems gets contaminated, it can reduce performance and damaged equipment. In a worst-case scenario, there can even be product spillage. Regardless of the outcome, it increases cost, creates downtime, and increases hassle for manufacturers. Dirty or compromised air is a severe problem to contend with, and that’s why air compressor filters are available in a range of configurations and sizes.

Pneumatic control system

Although filters are available in different styles, they are all designed to capture contaminants to regulate the cleanliness of compressed air. Filter choice needs to be highly specific to systems and applications, and as a result, you should not use air filters interchangeably between different pneumatic control systems.

As mentioned above, filters are designed for different applications. Below, we want to highlight the most filtered substances:

  • Oil and lubricants
  • Water vapor
  • Microorganisms
  • Dust and dirt particles

Choosing a filter type often depends on what needs to be blocked. For instance, an air-oil separator filter is designed to separate oil from the air. During compression, oil is used for the seal and to help absorb heat. Oil is also the primary lubricant. On the other hand, an air inlet filter filters oils but can also separate debris (large dust) that clogs oil and the pneumatic control system.

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