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How do Pneumatic Controllers Work?

Pneumatic controllers are comparative devices that can receive input signals from a measured process variable. Controllers then compare the value with a predetermined control point or a setpoint to determine the appropriate output signal necessary for the final control equipment. This process ensures that control elements have corrective action within the control loop. In other words, pneumatic controllers are mechanical devices that measure pressure and temperature with a pneumatic control system. They transmit a corrective air signal to control elements giving users the most accurate performance levels.

Pneumatic control systemPneumatic controllers coordinate air signal relay systems and pressure and thermal sensing systems. A pressure connection is installed within the process application that allows the system to sense changes within measured variables. Information is seamlessly relayed to the controller. From there, the controller automatically compares signals against the setpoint. It quickly and effectively sends corrective air signals to the pneumatic control valve. The principle of a pneumatic controller is to modulate process flow by returning applications to desired conditions.

Adding a controller to a pneumatic control system is often a smart thing to do. It is vital to recognize that different controllers operate differently, so pneumatic controllers should not be used interchangeably. Several considerations need to be made to allow for the optimal selection of a pneumatic controller. What are the critical aspects of picking a pneumatic controller?

  • Control function
  • Range/set point
  • Action(s)
  • Actuation systems
  • Air filter & regulator
  • Thermowell

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