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How to Stay Safe While Using Pneumatic Control Systems

When compared to other similar systems, pneumatic controls tend to be safer. They are non-sparking, non-flammable, and explosion-proof; this is why compressed air is used in many applications where traditional power sources are deemed ineffective and dangerous. Although pneumatic control systems are widely recognized for their safety components, that does not mean they are fail-safe. There are still safety hazards to be mindful of. The more employees recognize these issues, the better equipped they will be to maintain a safe working environment.

Pneumatic controls

The central aspect of staying safe is maintaining an effective working system. Ensuring that each aspect of a pneumatic control system is properly functioning is essential for safety. Frequent inspections of systems and their components allow you to stay on top of any potential issues before creating a natural safety hazard.

Another critical part of safety is ensuring that all employees understand and respect the system. There are many stories where individuals interacted with a pneumatic control system in ways they shouldn’t have, which resulted in problems. Human error is one of the, if not the most egregious, the issue causing hazards in the workplace. What are some of the most common human errors people make when using pneumatic valves and control systems?

  • Too often, individuals neglect to inspect the PRV, which should be evaluated regularly.
  • A receiver must always remain protected from contacting moving parts and machinery.
  • When working in cold environments, storage tanks should not be placed outside. Air tanks should never be able to reach temperatures lower than the temperature aerating because then steel can become brittle.
  • Storage tanks must also meet all local safety standards.
  • It is crucial to ensure that a wet receiver has a working condensate drain.

Employees should never make adjustments or alterations to systems without referring to professionals because what might seem innocuous to one person could lead to significant issues.

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