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Comprehensive Pneumatic Device and Controller Solutions Under One Roof

Pneumatic ControlsELLIS/KUHNKE CONTROLS is a beacon of innovation and reliability in the vast and ever-changing landscape of pneumatic solutions. Our offerings are a fusion of cutting-edge technology and practical design tailored to meet the diverse requirements of modern industries. We provide a wide array of pneumatic device options to meet the high standards of daily applications. 

Pneumatic Counters

Ensuring that every count matters, the pneumatic counters from ELLIS/KUHNKE CONTROLS are an amalgamation of precision engineering and robust design. They cater to a broad spectrum of applications where exact counting is non-negotiable.

  • Precision-engineered for accurate counting in diverse applications.
  • Rapid response mechanism ensuring event or product counting with utmost reliability.
  • Made of high-quality materials, guaranteeing longevity and consistent performance.

Pneumatic Indicators

In an age where real-time monitoring is crucial, the pneumatic indicators offered by ELLIS/KUHNKE CONTROLS serve as the eyes of many industrial operations. They provide instant insights into processes, making them indispensable in many settings.

  • Reliable visual signaling capabilities for real-time process status.
  • Clear display ensuring easy monitoring.
  • Quick responsiveness facilitating swift decision-making in operational environments.

Pneumatic Timers

Time, as they say, waits for none. Recognizing the essence of this sentiment, the pneumatic timers from ELLIS/KUHNKE CONTROLS are designed to ensure that every moment is accounted for in time-sensitive operations, leaving no room for error.

  • Designed for unparalleled accuracy in time-sensitive operations.
  • Ensure operations adhere to their predetermined schedules.
  • Fundamental in optimizing processes and ensuring task reliability.

Pneumatic Control Systems

Controlling and optimizing the flow of compressed air is a sophisticated task. The pneumatic control systems from ELLIS/KUHNKE CONTROLS seamlessly integrate various components, offering a symphony of precision and efficiency in diverse operational environments.

  • A comprehensive system comprising interconnected components.
  • Effectively regulates and directs the flow of compressed air.
  • Tailored for precision and efficiency across a spectrum of operational settings.

Pneumatic Controls

The beauty of any pneumatic system lies in its controls. ELLIS/KUHNKE CONTROLS offers a range of pneumatic controls that are the backbone of many systems, ensuring they operate smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

  • Oversee and regulate the behavior of pneumatic systems.
  • Include a range of components such as valves, switches, and regulators.
  • Designed for unmatched performance, durability, and reliability.

For more information on our products and how they can help your applications, you should not hesitate to call our talented team. We are standing by to help provide practical and affordable solutions for your pneumatic needs.

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