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Why Use Pneumatic Timers Over Electrical Timers?

It is common to find pneumatic timers used in environments where electric currents could be potentially dangerous or deadly. These types of timers are used on oil refineries because an electronic clock could spark and cause fires/explosions. Understanding how these devices work can be confusing, and so our team of engineers is standing by to help further your knowledge to make better purchases.Pneumatic Valves

In a pneumatic system, air pushes pistons toward the end of a chamber. A small pneumatic valve controls the flow of air. Timers do not control the valve flow or pressure, but instead, they control the time between piston pushes. Simply put, the control timer allows users to set exactly how much time will pass prior to pistons opening their chambers. Many different companies and industries use these timers to get exact timing while not relying on electrical timing mechanisms.

At Ellis Kuhnke, we carry a vast selection of counters and timers that can provide easy and cost-effective solutions for construction pneumatic logic systems. Our counters are built with four to eight-digit readouts, and we offer multiple mounting options.

Pneumatic Valves

To find out more about our pneumatic timers and pneumatic valve, call our team today.

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