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EPA and Pneumatic Devices

The EPA regulates the use of pneumatic systems in the oil and natural gas industry. As the two industries grow, the need for safety regulations becomes more and more necessary. In 2011, an estimated 530,000 oil producing wells were in operation in the United States. On top of that, there are 500,000 gas wells in operation. There is a very high likelihood that this number will increase because oil and natural gas exploration is dynamic and growing business. If improper tools are used in these extreme environments, it could lead to severe damage to materials, individuals, and the surrounding area. Wrong devices and systems could potentially catch fire or explode. The guidelines set forth by the EPA help to reduce the harm that could be caused by working in extreme environments.

In the Report for Oil and Natural Gas Sector Pneumatic Devices Review, published April 2014 by the OAQPS, defines each pneumatic device. These definitions help companies to meet government standards while using pneumatic systems.

The publication gives detailed information about pneumatic controllers, pneumatic pumps, and pneumatic controllers. For more information about safely operating pneumatic devices in extreme conditions, give us a call today. Our talent staff value safety above all else, and we want help to ensure that you get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible.

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