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Why do Industries Turn to Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatic control systems play an essential role in the performance of mechanical work. It is also commonly used for the development of automation solutions. A pneumatic system bears many similarities to hydraulic systems, but for pneumatics systems, compressed air is used instead of hydraulic fluid. Systems use compressed air to control and transmit energy, and they are commonly used in a wide variety of industries.Pneumatic Controls

Why do so many industries turn to pneumatic control systems?

The systems are highly effective: air supply from the atmosphere is unlimited, and it is easy to store large volumes. Compressed air, fortunately, is not restricted by distance because it can be transported through pipes. Once finished, compressed air is released into the atmosphere without the need for processing.

The systems have a simple design: the design of pneumatic system components is relatively simple when compared to different systems. Users have an easy choice of movement (angular rotational movement or linear movement) with a continuously variable operational speed.

The system is highly durable and reliable: the systems are known to be extremely durable. They cannot be easily damaged. When comparing these systems to electromotive components, pneumatic components are considered more reliable and durable.

Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic systems are safe: because of pneumatic valves, a pneumatic control system is more reliable to use than an electromotive system. When a system is overloaded, the only problems are sliding and cessation of operation.

Pneumatic Valves

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