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What is the Most Significant Part of a Pneumatic Control System?

Pneumatic ControlsThe most important part of a pneumatic control system is the pressurized gas that is used. Depending on the system/application, gases can change. The most used pressurized gases include:

  • Nitrogen
  • High-pressure air
  • Carbon Dioxide

Regardless of the type of gas used, it is stored within a tank and compressed up to high PSI levels (up to 1000x pounds per square inch). Beyond needing some form of compressed gas or air, these systems also need controls (pneumatic controls). These controls are often attached to the tank, and the type of control depends on the regulators used. In short, a regulator is tasked with reducing high pressure from the tank to a manageable level. Regulators ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of damage. It is important to note that a regulator works on demand, meaning that they are turned on only when there is a drop in pressure somewhere in the pneumatic control system.

Hoses and valves are also essential tools that ensure the optimal functioning of pneumatic control systems. These devices oversee the safe and efficient delivering of pressurized gas throughout the entire system. If not calibrated correctly, hoses run the risk of rupturing, which causes air leakage. It is common to find hoses reinforced with steel to prevent this problem.

Do not underestimate how important pneumatic actuators are for the safe functioning of all other system parts. The actuator is responsible for pulling and pushing objects as controls are activated. An actuator is a cylinder that contains a disc and a rod. The disk is forced to move when valves are open, and gas or air enters the actuator.

Each part of a pneumatic control system is important and has a specific job. Using the right equipment is an essential component of properly functioning equipment. You should not hesitate to call our talented team for more information on pneumatic controls.

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