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Safety and Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic ValvesUnderstanding the intricacies of pneumatic systems can be daunting. Our team of professionals is standing by to help you understand the basic of pneumatic valves and timers. All pneumatic compressed air systems demand safe and precise controls of actuators (specific to accouterment). A pneumatic valve allows for users to control velocity, the direction of movement, and force. How does a valve control this? Pressure relief valves can keep control through exhausting pressure out into the atmosphere. Typically, these types of relief valves are found in receivers of air storage (i.e., accumulators). For this reason, relief valves are also referred too as safety valves.

A pressure regulator inside a pneumatic system can control and limit the pressure downstream through blocking pressure at upstream outlets. Regulators are commonly used during the air preparation stage. Also, it is used to control motors and cylinders.

For certain processes, there must be several stages of pressure reduction. This is undoubtedly the case when using large, centralized compressors. A regulator controls the pressure inside the main grid of distribution.

Pneumatic valves are a necessity for most systems. Our talented team of engineers can help you pick the appropriate pneumatic timers and valves for your specific operation. Give us a call to find out more information.


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