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Pneumatics and Robots

Pneumatic systems are being used in the creation of different types of robot. There are several reasons, such as safety, efficiency, and ease, as to why pneumatic systems are utilized in the robotics industry.Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatics can be set up rather easily. Creating new systems takes less time, and repairing the robot is much easier. Parts on pneumatic system are easily interchangeable when compared to other systems.

Pneumatic systems are powerful, pushing out 5,000 psi of power, but most common robots use less than 100 psi. This allows for small systems to pack a large amount of power. The systems are strong as well as light. They do not add much weight to the exterior shell of the robot. Small batteries also help to achieve the lack of weight.

Compressed air allows for a level of safety that cannot be achieved with gas or electrical actuation systems. Considering the heat produced by motors and computers, gasoline and electricity are not optimal power sources.

Although they are light, strong, and easy to use, they do take up a good deal of space. It also requires more programming work, so that compressors and solenoids function properly.

Pneumatic Controls

As robots become more commonplace, pneumatic timers and systems will be used more and more.

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