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Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Many industrial industries thrive by using pneumatic and hydraulic systems; however, depending on the industry, a company must distinguish between the two systems. Using hydraulic systems, when the job calls for pneumatics, could hinder production and potentially do substantial more harm. Knowing the distinctions between the two, and when they are to be used, can help improve business and save money.  This article will help to make a distinction between the two and when/how they can be used.

Simply put, pneumatics uses pressurized gases, which helps to start and complete engineering tasks. Most commonly, pneumatics systems are used for general construction and mining, as well as in the dentistry industry. Conversely, a hydraulic system uses pressurized fluids that help to complete a mechanical task. Harnessing the power of water through dams and turbines is possible with the help of hydraulic systems. One can also find these systems on buses in the form of air breaks, as well as in hydraulic presses, hydraulic hoppers, and more.

The working principles of fluid dynamics allows for pneumatics to begin mechanical motions. Any pneumatic system will have different pneumatic components, such as pneumatic circuits, pneumatic times, and more. In the system, compressed air is fed by a compressor into the rest of the system through a series of hoses. Of course, the flow is regulated and this is done with the help of pneumatics valves and cylinders. Some systems will utilize inert gases, but this is dependent on the operation that is being done.

Hydraulic systems are able to transport heavier items while using less energy. Yes these systems are more powerful, but they could be potentially dangerous. Considering hydraulics uses fluids, there is an extremely low spring rate. Hydraulics systems are more difficult to operate and to maintain. They will require more maintenance and training. A pneumatic system has a much longer life span.

Picking between the two systems can be tough if you are unfamiliar with how they operate and when they are supposed to be used. Coming to terms with the type of system and then the best system for your business is no easy feat, and it should be not done alone. Reaching out to a Pneumatic company can help you get the right machine with the right components, like pneumatic timers and pneumatics valves. Picking a hydraulic system when a pneumatic system will work better will only cost you time and money.

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