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Pneumatic Directional-Control Valves

Pneumatic ValvesWhen it comes to properly functioning pneumatic circuits, directional control of the vales is vitally important. Without the correct valves, it would be difficult to direct or block air control. This would directly affect the speed, sequence, and power of operations. The most common way to classify directional-control valve is by the number of flow paths that are available under different operating conditions. When choosing valves, one must factor in the name of valve positions, number of ports, and number of flow paths.

Common directional-control valves include:

  • Three-way position valves- These valves are made with three ports that are connected through passages inside the valve body. The valves can direct pressured air to the cap-end portion of the cylinder.
  • Two-way, two-position valve- This valve has two ports that are connected through a passage that can either be blocked or open (to control flow through the valve).
  • Four-way, Two-position- With this valve, you have between four and five ports, which allows users to implement various valve configurations (two different pressure or exhaust port).

Other configurations include:

  • Three-way, Two-position
  • Four-way, Three position

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