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Pneumatic Control Systems and HVAC Systems

If a person were to look hard enough, it would be possible for them to find multiple examples of pneumatic control systems being used in everyday devices. Pneumatic controls and pneumatic valves are used in many of the appliances and electronics people use daily.Pneumatic Controls

One of the most frequently used systems that rely on pneumatics are HVAC systems. A pneumatic system utilizes either compressed air or gas to control HVAC systems.  Within the system, compressed air is carried through copper and plastic tubes. The air or gas follows a path from the controller to a control device (commonly a damper or pneumatic valve actuator). This type of control method needs thermostats and sensors to both bleed and retain the line of pressure from the sensor as they meet the control device and actuators.

The sensor responds to small changes in humidity, static pressure, and temperature. It provides pertinent information to the control loop about performance that causes actuators to either open or close. They open and close to meet the controller’s set point. Pneumatic actuators are built with diaphragms and springs that function in sequence without the need for control signals.

Systems make use of compressed air for communication. Each and every thermostat in a building, plant, or home has more than a single air-line connected to the primary source of compressed air.

Pneumatic Controls

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