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Long Delay Timers

A long delay timer with digital operations combines pneumatic time pulse generators with a stationary, adjustable counter. All of this is combined into one small, compact unit. A long delay timer allows for precise times to be set: this ranges from as low as 1 second to as high as 99,999 minutes.  The design of the unit makes it easy to see elapsed minutes or seconds. The preselected time will always be visible in the preselect window.

The timer works in two ways. First, the timer can begin, if compressed air is available, an output signal. This output will remain constant until the timer is reset by another signal. Times are easily preselected with buttons located on the front of the timer. Once the values are added, they are locked. The timer can be changed even during an on-cycle.

As a means to minimize malfunctions (slipping number rollers; half-digit advances), minimum reset times must be set. If reset is kept at 180ms, the above problems can be entirely eliminated

These long delay timers help ensure that pneumatic counters and pneumatic valves work exactly as needed. Consider adding a long delay timer with digital operation to your pneumatic system.

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