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Important Components of Pneumatic Systems

There are several main components of a pneumatic system. Each of the components plays an integral role in the performance of the system. If one component fails, the whole system will function improperly. Knowing the different parts will help those using pneumatic systems.Pneumatic Controls

The most recognizable part is the regulator. This device controls both force and circuit pressure. Each device is fitted with machines that react to changing downstream pressure. Each regulator maintains constant pressure automatically. The device has easily readable pressure adjustment knobs.

A pneumatic cylinder, also known as a linear actuator, allows for linear pulling and pushing forces. Considering no two jobs are the same, the market is flooded with thousands of different configurations.

No pneumatic system would be complete without an air reservoir. This device stores the pressurized air the makes the pneumatic system work. It is likened to the battery of the system.

A solenoid valve is operated electronically, and they control the flow of air in the pneumatic systems. The valve distributes pressurized air to pneumatic circuits and actuators.

Pneumatic Controls

It becomes very difficult to run these systems without the help of pneumatic timers. This device allows users to have total control of the system.

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