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Getting a Handle of Your Pneumatic Flow Controls

Understanding the nuances of pneumatic flow control helps individuals overcome common issues associated with pneumatics. One of the most common issues we hear about is about double-acting cylinders that stutter when they extend. In most cases, this issue can be rectified with proper reposition of flow controls. It is most likely not an issue with a lack of lubrication, which is what people typically think.

Pneumatic Controls

Once you determine your business needs for pneumatic valves and pneumatic controls for your project, you need to work to achieve consistent speeds from your pneumatic actuators. Why might your pneumatic cylinders be stuttering?

To fix stuttering, typically, we use a meter out configuration. It is essential to be in full control of the exhaust air that comes out of a double-acting cylinder. This is the only way to get a smooth and consistent flow of air. Meter out configurations also limited speed to the pressurized air chamber. This is akin to pushing against a balloon that is not fully closed. The balloon shrinks only as fast as you allow air to leave. When you make the opening more substantial, more air will rush out. Large openings increase the speed of cylinder movements.

Pneumatic Controls

Meter in configurations allows you to control the speed of compressed air entering cylinder chambers. This leads to a slow buildup of pressure. Only a minimal amount of force is required to break the piston free from stiction with the body of the cylinder. Remember, stickiness is an issue that always exists.

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