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Essential Facts About Pneumatic Systems

For many industrial machines, compressed air is used similarly to electricity, meaning that air is used to power devices and create movement within systems. Although a pneumatic control system might be more expensive to run than electric systems, compressed air (pneumatics) have other advantages that make them worth using. What are the essential benefits of using pneumatic valves and controls?

Like their electrical counterparts, pneumatic actuators and cylinders can drive linear motion.Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic valves and other components are considered simple to use and work with. They provide users with high-speed motions that are reliable and positionally repeatable. It is rather easy to train maintenance personnel to troubleshoot and use pneumatic control systems. Pneumatic systems are known to be substantially less complex than their electrical counterparts.

Pneumatic hardware is affordable so you can purchase cylinders, hoses, solenoids, and fitting at a low cost. Lower costs help to drive down maintenance costs.

When properly sized, pneumatic actuators can move and actuate quickly. The devices are easy to adjust because of their cylinder or inline-mounted flow control components. Pneumatic systems use internal cushions and external hard stops, which provide repeatable positioning at the end of a cylinder.

Pneumatic Controls

Both pneumatic actuators and cylinders offer a great deal of force within a small package.  A one-inch cylinder provides more than 100 pounds of clamping force. Solenoids and valves are used to control forces.


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