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EKCI Series 51 Pneumatic Timer: An In-Depth Look at Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic TimersRegarding industrial operations, precision and efficiency are paramount. This is where pneumatic systems come in. Whether you need pneumatic timers, pneumatic control systems, pneumatic valves, pneumatic counters, pneumatic spool valves, pneumatic indicators, or pneumatic controls or machines and tools, we are your experts. 

Understanding the Benefits of the Series 51 Pneumatic Timer

The Series 51 Pneumatic Timer is an exceptional example of a pneumatic time delay control device that offers adjustability and precision.

What is a Series 51 Pneumatic Timer?

This pneumatic timer comes equipped with an on-delay or off-delay three-way built-in valve. It's well-suited for mounting alongside valves or other logic devices.

Prominent Features of the Series 51 Pneumatic Timer

Let's understand the timer's specifications to appreciate its utility fully.

  • Operation MechanismUpon pressure application to the input or the pilot port, the timer initiates the preset timing cycle. It ends the cycle by switching an internal three-way valve, offering an output. The timer is designed to reset automatically upon removal of the control signal.
  • Port OptionsThe Series 51 timer has 10-32 (M5) bottom ports or 1/8" NPT side ports, providing many installation options.
  • On-Delay and Off-Delay FunctionsThe Series 51 timer is available in on-delay (normally closed) and off-delay (normally open) configurations, accommodating various process requirements.
  • Adjustable Time Range and Reset TimeThe timer's time range is adjustable from 0.5 to 180 seconds, with a consistent reset time of 200 ms across all models.

Advantages of Using the Series 51 Pneumatic Timer

So, what makes this timer an excellent tool in industrial settings?

  • Precision and AdjustabilityThe Series 51 offers precise control over your processes due to its wide range of timing and adjustable nature.
  • Versatility and Multiple Mounting OptionsThe Series 51 timer's versatility is apparent in its multiple port options and mounting possibilities.
  • Automatic Reset FunctionAn additional convenience of the Series 51 timer is its automatic reset function.

The various models of the Series 51 timer differ in their port type and timing range, allowing you to choose the most suitable model for your needs. The Series 51 timers are ideal for industrial automation and manufacturing processes requiring precise timing control. When choosing a Series 51 timer, consider the timing range, the delay you need (on or off), and your mounting requirements.

The Series 51 Pneumatic Timer brings precision, versatility, and convenience to your operations. Whether you need an on-delay or off-delay, side or bottom ported timer, there's a Series 51 model tailored for you.

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