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How to Increase Pneumatic Control System Efficiency

A pneumatic control system is only dependable when utilizing the right amount of power. When there is not enough power, it causes a system to run sluggishly or not at all. Too much power in the system wastes energy, and individual components are overworked. Pneumatic control systems and pneumatic control devices are among the most efficient and effective, but that is only when systems run optimally. Gathering specific metrics on efficiency allows engineers and managers to make intelligent decisions about operations and efficiency.

Pneumatic control system

When thinking about air compressor efficiency, several metrics account for it. It is crucial to understand how compressors operate under modulation and variable displacement. This is the simplistic way to tell if systems can work in reciprocating or rotary control mode.

The most pervasive measurement that engineers must surmount is the level of supply-side storage that occurs while compressors are ramping up. At these times, it is common for compressors to generate excessive amounts of pressure too quickly, which is wasted because it cannot be stored. This problem will aggressively worsen efficiency because air is only generated on time.

The commonly accepted rule is only to utilize the minimum pressure necessary to manipulate each actuator attached to the pneumatic control system. Some think that doing more increases efficiency, but that could not be further from the truth. Navigate excessive power use, especially when deploying multiple compressors. You can install intelligent energy control systems. These systems allow users to get the most from their system without overexerting pneumatic valves or pneumatic timers.

The best thing to do is to partner with a trusted pneumatics company to help run tests. There are many different techniques and tools at the professional's disposal that can significantly increase the outcome of tests.

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