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Why do Individuals Use Pneumatic Control Systems?

Pneumatic control valvesPneumatic control systems are widely used in a large array of industries. Many individuals benefit from pneumatics without even recognizing it. Although pneumatic control systems are found in everyday life, they are most associated with manufacturing facilities to power automation. These control systems are one of the most cost-effective options compared to hydraulic or gas-powered systems. The initial purchase and setup cost is low, and the necessary continued maintenance costs are minimal. When comparing a similar electric system, it is easy to see why pneumatic valves and controls win out every time: Simply put, it is because of its simple design and ease of use compared to other similar systems.

Pneumatic Valves

Although comprising many different parts, Pneumatic control systems are simplistic devices. Even though the design is simple, it can manage a combination of tasks performed at a single time. This can range from gripping to stacking and even positioning. Pneumatic systems offer precision controls for pressing and tension.

Besides the reasons listed above, there are two other main factors for why people use pneumatic systems:

Modular Control Components: The pneumatic control system comprises many parts, including pneumatic valves and timers. Because of various factors, engineers can create almost any type of control strategy through custom designing pneumatic control systems.

Actuators: the air-powered motors in the system are called actuators. A pneumatic actuator is directly responsible for controlling valves and dampers. These devices ensure the durable, reliable, and economic performance of systems. Compared to other similar systems, pneumatic actuators cost less, break down less frequently, and are more reliable.

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